Music loves , music heals, music inspires,  music moves the soul…Music is always always there… Duchess of Rock n Roll    

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been intrigued with music….with-the musicians, the process, the lyrics, the sounds, the instruments, the 8 track tapes in my dads car!  I've been blessed to be surrounded by talented musicians most of my life, and feel like it's an extraordinary gift to share some of my favorite people with you here on my new video blog!  I will have live interviews, do some writing, and have tons of photos, and hopefully interesting and fun stories! I also love love love Food, chefs, restaurants and recipes, so from time to time, I may interview a few chefs too, I mean come on, we all have to eat, right! I'm proud to do this blog in honor of my friend who passed away earlier this year,  when he left the earth much too early, I vowed to never waste another day not doing the things that make me happy, so this project in in honor of Scotty Ryan, I love you man, I miss you and I hope that you are making them laugh in heaven.  I hope you all enjoy the blog!  I will do my best to bring you the best, most talented song writers, crew, mangers, singers, guitar players, super fans, club owners and front row fans. Check back often!   Shine on….

Duchess of Rock n Roll